About Me

I’m Lucie. I’ve been writing creatively since I could hold a pen and I have been leading different groups through various stories for over 25 years.

I am a role-playing gamer, an aerospace engineer, a mother of 2 children, solo accompanist, creative coach, fountain of ideas, implementer of wild ideas, and helper for others to implement their own wild ideas. 

I help you to (re)discover your creativity by inventing, writing, and experiencing new stories together, without judgement. Insights about yourself are included.

This is the right place for you if you…

  • are creative, enthusiastic and willing to experiment,
  • would like to write (again),
  • want to boost your creativity in an unusual way (again),
  • want to experience and create something together with others,
  • want to learn about yourself,
  • have ideas and plans you would like to see come to realization.

“I love creating stories with others and always discovering new facets of their characters.”

Lucie Koerber