creativity for everyone

What awaits you

When you immerse yourself in the stories, you will discover new worlds, with everything that comes with them.

More creativity

Inspiration from other people’s ideas.

More fun

Create stories the way you like them.

New perspectives

See the world through the eyes of your protagonists.

New friends

You (rarely) write alone and your stories blend together.

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All Offers

Here you will find a short overview of my offers. More detailed information can be found on the respective page.

Writing Worlds

Members area with ongoing stories in small groups. You can participate in up to 2 stories.

One-to-One (1:1) Story

You want to dive into a character really deep? Then we do it directly 1:1 over a month. Or even longer, if you like.

Customer of Choice Workshop

Playful getting to know your desired customer in a small group. Takes place about 2x/year.


To practice or prepare for a situation that is important to you. 1:1 preparation just for you.