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"I had no experience at all with this kind of writing until your offer. I just jumped in without a clue or an idea and - what can I say - dived right in! It's unbelievable how quickly you get into your story and empathized with the writers. I am totally thrilled by the energy of writing together and always wait excitedly, like a little child, for the next paragraph by my fellow writers. Thank you, dear Lucie, for letting me have this experience with you!"
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"Lucie is a wonderful, empathetic person who is full of ideas and who always has just the right tool at hand when I am faced with yet another a problem or peak. Whether it's a momentary low, a creative crisis, or a creative overload, she's by my side with an open ear and heart and shows me new ways of looking at things. Thank you for these wonderful ideas that make writing easy and fun!"
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Thanks for showing us this side of yourself today! I found it totally exciting and one could directly feel your passion for roleplaying. I believe that you can fully immerse yourself in other characters. I realized how much empathy, imagination, creativity and also seriousness are involved. It was once again an example of what passion for a certain subject can ignite in a person and how there all his inner energy radiates outward. Like a little insight into the true divine creation. (I know it sounds mega dramatic, but I can't describe it any other way). So now I'm not only going to bed with the theme of "desired customer" but also with the theme of "this is exactly how I want others to see my passion and how do I get there?" I think these are good thoughts