“What is creativity for you? Or creative?”, I ask my children. Brainstorming with family support, so to speak. Honestly, that’s where I write about creative TECHNIQUES, have been a role-player for years (certainly not uncreative) and both make up the bulk of my coaching work. So! Reason enough to get to the bottom of the …

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Working Mom

A contribution to the blogparade Working Mom – Where do you get your strength from Stefanie Brodmann. Contrary to popular belief, sipping cappuccino and building a business on the side, while the kids are just kind of cute accessories, is just not how it goes for the majority of moms. The whole thing is work, …

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Beating the Block

A contribution to the blog parade on #SchreibblockADE2022 by Daniela Pokorny, my first, but the second from this blog.   Writer’s block has been the bane of my existence for a long time. Partly because I have never been a writer able to sit and write every day. Partly because my brain “locks up” and …

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