Blogparade – let your dreams come true

I love to make and implement projects from wild ideas (or dreams). Mine, or those of others. Last year I discovered the “Let your dreams become true” day, so exactly MY day, so to speak.

And because there are so many people with dreams and wishes and ideas, who may not yet have a plan how to realize them, I wanted to start a blogparade. To find out what dreams you are so concerned. How you want to realize them. And to connect people and make even more dreams come true.

I invite you to write a blog article on this topic. Let’s get started on 01/13/2013 – the “Let Your Dreams Become True” day.

Here are some questions to inspire you. They are only suggestions, by no means mandatory.

  •     Which dreams do you have?
  •     Have you already made your dreams come true?
  •     Which dreams do you want to tackle this year?
  •     What are you still missing to make them come true?

Here’s how you can participate in my blogparade:

  •     Write a post on the topic: Let your dreams become true.
  •     Point out my blogparade with a link in the introduction.
  •     Leave a comment below this article with the link to your post.
  •     If you like: write/create a social media post on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #LassDeineTraeumeWahrWerden so I can like it.

The blogparade ends on January 20, 2023.

Then I will read all the blog articles of the participants who left a link in the comment. In addition, I will write a new article, with your inputs and my findings from it, by linking you.

As a thank you, I’m giving away a 50-minute coaching session on strengths&weaknesses in your business (or in your writing, we’ll work on your weak spot, turn it into something you love to do afterwards).

I am very much looking forward to the exchange with you!

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