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Mein Beitrag zur Blogparade „Wunschzettel an die Schule“ von Dina Mazzotti

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If there is one thing I would like to see from school, it would be….
…problem-solving skills instead of pure knowledge transfer

Knowledge is getting outdated faster and faster, so it is even more important to learn where and how to acquire current knowledge (and how not to do it).

… more than one way that is “right

Of course reading and writing and arithmetic are important and there I as a parent am also less patient than a teacher often is (I think). But especially with arithmetic I notice: the children often have their very own ways of calculating. I think it would be very nice to pay attention to them instead of teaching them “this is the only way to calculate”. There can be several ways next to each other. Some break down 13-8 into 13 – 3 – 5, others may handle it differently. Let the children explain, then you can see if it was understood. You can always explain the other way.

… cross-grade learning

When the big ones work together with the little ones, so much happens. The little ones feel seen, the big ones feel seen, you learn from each other. Some may repeat something and thereby deepen it for themselves, the others emulate those who already know it. Social togetherness just happens by the way.

… more “interdisciplinary” projects


This is where the question “why do I need this?” often comes up, and projects can teach children quite well why they need math, for example. When you have to divide ingredients for a cake batter in half or calculate how much the buyer will get back when selling a cake. To understand the recipe, it is important to be able to read. And what I have discussed here with K1 (7 years) about possible target groups for his self-drawn learning booklets, I would rather not find in school currently.

… Involve parents in projects

At least those who want to. There are lots of really exciting professions and hobbies that are practiced by the children’s parents. Why not use the knowledge there and involve the parents? An afternoon with the fire department, a visit to the doctor or midwife, an activity at the riding stable or in the studio?

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