Jahresrückblick 2022

It’s December and thus once again it is time for the Year in Review. I didn this in 2021 as part of Judith Peters‘ annual review blog. This year (again) a lot happened, privately and in business. My personal highlight was my trip to Canada.


Jahresrückblick Reise Kanada

My review of my own goals for 2022

My main business goal for 2022 was for the business to be self-sustaning. I achieved that, even making a small profit. Unfortunately, I did not achieve the bonus goal of a certain minimum turnover per month.

On the private side, I fulfilled a dream and spent a week in Canada.

And my private network here on this site has grown considerably. For the business network, online is somehow easier.

My review of 2022

Trip to Canada

Preparations and flight

I had already thought about the trip in 2021, planned it at the beginning of 2022, and in August it was time… I thought. Then I got an email: one of the flights was cancelled without replacement, and unfortunately, they couldn’t tell me which one. Thank you, AirCanada.

Hotline: „Sorry, too many people are calling, and we don’t have a queue.“ *click*

After ages of back and forth with Lufthansa, through whom I had originally booked, I found out that no flight had been cancelled after all, and that all the flights were still planned.

However, a couple of days later, they sent an email saying that the flight inside Canada had been cancelled and I could no longer fly from Toronto to Calgary, and there was no replacement flight available.

After more lengthy stays in the Lufthansa phone queue, I was finally told that I could fly standby via Frankfurt to Calgary. You might think that would take care of everything. Far from it!

There was another hiccup at check-in due to the rebooking and another hour on a Lufthansa hotline to solve that.

On the day of the flight, I sat in the Munich airport for a few hours, expecting chaos, and of course, nothing happened! The security check went quickly and smoothly. Better than the hectic, I guess. However, when we arrived in Frankfurt, again… excitement! The security check-in was very long, so long, in fact, that they had to have an extra employee for the next flight in order to give those passengers priority assistance.

As the gate, the plane sat, and nothing happened. A voice on the loudspeaker announced that the crew still needed to clean the plane. During the hour-long cleanup, another passenger and I fantasized about what had happened to create such a mess: the passengers on the previous flight celebrate and had a party, and the last few partygoers had to be dragged off the plane. The cleanup crew needed to remove all the nasty garbage and bottles, the remnants of this fantastic event.

Finally, they let us in. I saw no sign of the party. The flight was relaxed, and we arrived in Calgary with only half an hour’s delay. 

Arrival in Calgary

I have never met such nice border officials as I did there. They were very polite, not a bit stressed, even though there were a lot going on. A cold shower came with the search for a cab. You may not believe it, but I genuinely got the feeling no one wanted to take me to the hotel. Only the sixth cab driver at the fifth cab stand agreed to take me to the hotel at the airport.

The hotel staff were very pleasant. There was even a hot tub on the roof, but after the long journey I just wanted to eat and go to bed. I highly recommend the restaurant at the Hotel Clique.


Kanada Hotel
Meeting with friends

The next day, a very nice cab driver took me from the hotel into the city itself, to the hotel where I was to stay for the week. I was there early and only wanted to tell them I was already there and would move into the room later that night. No problem, they told me.

And off I went to meet my friends. I had known some of them for ages, but only online. My gut feeling works so well that there were no ugly surprises about them. We just had a wonderful afternoon and evening, playing games and eating Pizza Hawaii for dinner. It felt like I was transported back to my university days, except that all the people spoke English. But other than that, it felt exactly the same.

Hotel — or — I have a new name

In the evening, the check-in went smoothly, and I moved into my room. Too tired to do anything else than sleep, I did not bother to check the wi-fi.

In the morning was a surprise: the free wi-fi did not work because my name did not match the room number. Reception told me I should call IT. No sooner said than done. IT solved the problem but says that the room number and my name doesn’t match, and they have to use a workaround. It works, but the situation leaves me unsettled. Finally, I find out from reception that they checked me in as Sarah Cooper, even though that had my ID in their hands. My address was correct, funnily enough, but my name was not. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to give the bill to a Sarah Cooper late. Oh well. Too bad.

Because of its location, the hotel is a good starting point for walks into the city center… or for treks to the world’s largest role-playing game store. But also, the view at night was amazing. Ah, jet lag!

Kanada Hotel Nacht
Even more friends

Since, for some reason, Calgary is home to an incredible number of role-players, I had two „dates“ with friends there. With the second group we went to the various parks that Calgary and the surrounding areas have to offer and… wow!

See for yourself.

Park Innenstadt Calgary
Calgary Park
Workshop at the world’s large roleplaying game store in Calgary

Another one of my goals was to hold a writing workshop in Calgary, somewhere I’d been before. The entire event was arranged before the trip. The team at SentryBox was very friendly, uncomplicated and accommodating.

There were one or two small confusions, because the even was not signposted on the bulletin board and therefore not everyone knew about it. That was cleared up quickly. Since the gallery was already crowded with tabletop players that evening, an area in the book corner was cleared for me without further ado. Of course, there were customers running around, but that didn’t bother me at all.

The participants had a lot of fun, even when it wasn’t their turn to write. Unfortunately, at the end I had to answer the question of whether this could take place regularly with a „no.“ I am simply too seldom in Calgary. But it will certainly not be the last time!
Calgary Workshop

New Website

I built my old website myself in 2019. This year, I needed to upgrade to a new one, including a new color scheme. From pastel green and white to these much stronger autumn colors. This time, it was not 100% self-made, but the framework was set up by technology expert Daniela. For the colros and the errors, however, I am responsible.
Mishaps and mishaps
Anyone who has ever moved a website knows for sure that there is a lot to consider and a lot that can go wrong. As the devil would have it, I forgot a small but very important step and promptly locked myself out of my website. This was fixed relatively quickly, thanks to the help of my tech fairy, but it was still quite a scare.

By the way, one of the mistakes I am not responsible for is the name of the website. „Yoga Studio“ is the template, and this thing swore I wasn’t allowed to change the name. If anyone knows where in depth of Astra and the Yoga Studio template is hiding a feature that lets us change this, get in touch. I would like this, instead of saying „Yoga Studio,“ to say „Ideenbrunnen,“ which means „Fountain of Ideas.“

My own forum…

Just in time for the start of the first round of Schreibwelten (together with the Writing Worlds), I wanted to start a forum. The handling of Google Docs is simply unbelievably confusing above a certain number of groups.

Thanks to Daniela, setting up the forum was very easy and problem-free. I tinkered a bit with the design, created the first test users and created groups for individual access. Everything seemed to work.

…and what went wrong

Unfortunately, many of the participants did not make it to the forum for reasons unknown. The rest struggled with annoying, unpredictable and untraceable errors (my test accounts didn’t have these problems). So you could say: classic flop. I’ll have to get back to the exact error analysis. I don’t want to give up the plan completely.


New employees

When you have only a little time, you have to figure out how to get all the work done. Since this year there is a virtual assistant who supports me, mainly with Pinterest, but also with troubleshooting on the homepage, and an American writer and journalist who is responsible for making the English part of the website beautiful. Sometimes he also writes something himself, like the English article on writer’s block.

My workshops and other projects

The Writing Worlds

Two to three times a year, the Writing Worlds open their doors. This is two weeks of writing a story together in a small group, or one in the intensive version. I set the space, ask questions and start the respective stories, depending on the wishes of the participants. Small challenges are interspersed here and there, but this is about teamwork, getting creative, having fun, and growing from it you let yourself get involved. Writing friendships develop and some participants want to continue their story afterwards. This is also possible, and I’m happy to provide the space for it in Worlds Behind the Mirror.

Since the concept of „live“ works just as well (this is what we tested in Calgary), just not for a week, but for 2-3 hours at a time, there will also be a variant via Zoom next year. I have even bigger plans with it.

Desired customer workshop

For the entrepreneurs, I have the desired customer workshop. In a small group, participants slip into the head of the ideal customer and take on the role of one of five emotions. These emotions can and should interact with each other and guide the person through one or more scenes of their everyday life. Sounds crazy? It’s definitely very funny, but not only that. Participants get unique insights into what makes the ideal customer tick. A-ha! experiences are guaranteed.

Calendar project with Catalyst Game Labs

And because I can’t seem to go a year without a calendar, I had to have one again this year. This time it was a Shadowrun calendar from Catalyst Game Labs. This was an American contract, negotiated with the Shadowrun Line Developer, with teamwork done over three countries (Canada, Germany, and the USA). Sixteen plot hooks were written by three of us, and, as a bonus, some were connected by an overarching plot. Unfortunately, that fell out during printing, but it’s still in the drawer. If you get the calendar (warning: international shipping costs are astronomical) and want to know what else we’ve spun together, feel free to get in touch.

My 2022 in numbers

  • Instagram followers: 502
  • Facebook fans: 257
  • Published blog posts: 19
  • Completed projects: 3
  • Kilometers ridden by bike: 800
  • Workshops held: 10

My goals for 2023

For business, I have a few specific goals for 2023:

  • Make Writing Worlds bigger
  • Successfully stage a live event in June
  • Participate in a blog parade on 13 January on the topic, „Let your dreams become true.“
  • Become more active in brainstorming wild ideas with and for others.
And privately:
  • Get my little one enrolled in school (already so big!)
  • Visit friends all over the world
My motto for 2023 would be loosely based on „A Good Plan.“  Pretty sure Two thousand and twenty-FREE! I might also like to use „A new beginning.“

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    1. Keine Veröffentlichungen, nein. Also bisher nicht 😉 Das Ziel der Membership ist vorranging „für sich“ als Gruppe zu schreiben und damit den kreativen Flow für sich wiederzufinden oder am Leben zu halten. Und über sich zu lernen so ganz nebenbei. Allerdings wenn sich daraus eine Gruppe (oder einzelne) finden, die dort etwas schreiben wollen was veröffentlicht werden wird: gerne!
      Existiert aber auch erst seit 6 Monaten.

  1. Hallo Lucie,
    das ist ein sehr abwechslungsreicher Jahresrückblick.
    Besonders über deine Kanada-Urlaubs-Erlebnisse musste ich sehr lachen.
    Aber auch die anderen Stationen fand ich interessant.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hi Lucie, was ein spannendes Jahr! Was so alles in Jahr passt… Danke für den Einblick in dein Leben. Kanada und „Lass deine Träume wahr werden“ passen thematisch bei mir gut zusammen. 😀
    Alles, was du brauchst, für das nächste Jahr und liebe Grüße!

  3. Hallo Lucie,
    was für ein spannendes Jahr! Vor allem deine Kanada-Reise hat mich gefesselt. Unsere geplante Reise nach Kanada fiel damals wegen der Corona-Pandemie aus. Du hast mich jetzt inspiriert, es doch noch mal in der Bucket list zu priorosieren. 🙂

    Ich wünsche dir ein frohes, neues Jahr und viel Erfolg für die Erreichung deiner Ziele, sowohl fürs Business als auch privat.

    Viele Grüße

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