Role Play in Business?

Roleplaying in business. That’s kind of a corporate assessment thing, isn’t it?

As a gamer, even I shudder at roleplaying in this context. In this context, it’s quite intimidating, but that’s not the connection I want to make.

What is so exciting about it?

First, the playful aspect of it appeals to me, and it might appeal to you. You can dare to do things you would never do in real life. There are no real-life consequences, apart from the time you invest. Beyond that, the possibilities open up. In theory, I can ignore the laws of physics. Granted, I rarely need that in the business context, but this is just about pushing “normal” boundaries aside.

You can try this for free, with no one watching and evaluating you.


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Concrete examples

I can prepare and practice conversations, ones which are difficult for me, and/or ones which are important to someone else. I can fine-tune my own appearance if the situation calls for it. To give me insight or a better overview, I can even try to make the argument from a counterpart’s point of view. It eases the nerves when I have already entertained possible objections beforehand and answers ready. 

I can put myself in the shoes of a desired customer to better understand her desires and her needs. With a counterpart changing the environment or scene accordingly, this can lead to pretty great “A-ha!” experiences. It can make quite a difference whether my desired customer already knows exactly where it pinches or whether I may have to point it out to her.

And then there is the great field of conflict. I love playful arguments and tough discussions both. My counterpart and I can throw the craziest things at each other’s heads–within a few boundaries and with agreement–can verbally go to each other’s throats, and in the end, we are still good friends. Ideally, we will still be good friends with smiles on our faces because of what he had just experienced. This means for every argument I role-play, I learn something in real life. How cool is that?

What do I do with this information?

Quite simply, if you are interested in one of these areas and you want to learn more about it, or if you are immediately sure this is exactly what you want to try, write me or book a free information talk right away.


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